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Who's up for some sick climbing?


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Well folks it seems the good weather seems to be on the wane, although those of us who think they know what they're doing can climb year round in washington, but that's besides the point. Anybody up for some wild times at Si/38 or wherever in the next couple of weekends? I'm on an epic quest to bag my first .12 by the end of this year, and as the weather gets all wintery my odds go down. Time is money!

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Turn, just so you know, I'm a PLU student who spends all his money on a Perkin's loan and climbing gear, which means I have no wheels. If your willing to carpool, I'm willing to head out to 38 pretty much anytime. Although I don't like having anyone be a belay slave for anyone, I like to climb and have EVERYONE having a good time, not suffering at the end of a rope.

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Well if you got wheels to trash, its turns into a MORAL DUTY to trash them. Tues-fri's don't work for me ever, but sat/sun/mon are generally good for me. Except for the next three weekends (relatives visiting, couple papers, lots of messes to be dealt with) my calender is free. And monday the 15th I'm free, so I guess that is the earliest. When works for you?

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