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A long list of climbing and road bike gear FS :)


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Wanted to get a list up. Pictures to follow as people ask and I have time. FWIW I wear a 11.5 street shoe and all the men's stuff fits me. Rock shoes I wear tight. Mtn boots with light soxs. All the clothing fits as well @ 6'1" and 200#. I typically run between a Lg and an XL depending on manufature. Ladies stuff sizes as listed and I have no clue :) You pay the shipping or pick it up in Isssaquah. I'll add more in the next week or so as I dig it out.


Most of the climbing gear came from a few years when I wasn't doing much, so it saw little or no use.


Prefer to do this through Pay Pal. Send me a PM if you have questions.


Vasque Ice 9000 dbl boots size 11.5. One winter/spring season in Canada. Newest model. (boot since discontinued by Vasque) Excellent condition. Very warm and reasonably lwt boots! -sold-






Grivel Airtech Evo 48cm tools, hammer and adze. Very clean, used a couple of weekends this fall. Again excellent condition. They come with new Grivel leashes. $225.




Petzl Dart side lock spurs, new, $30.00 (rear heel piece only, bolt them right on)




Boreal, Ninja slipper, green, new size 36.5 $20




SCARPA FRENEY size 45, new, original blue suede model, rigid sole. LWT rigid mixed or ice boot. Takes clip on 'pons. $75




Spotiva, early model Trango, great alpine rock or wall boot. Size is 45.5 -sold-




Black Diamond 50cm X tool adze with a classic "zero" alpine pick. Like new $60.

Honed and ready!




Chouinard Bent gate biners, 13 of them, lightly used, $50




Sportiva Mythos, new, purple, size 43.5, id marked with a black marker on pull tab. $65.00




Scarpa Marathon, one indoor gym session, basically new, 10.5? some where around that...$50




Sportiva Syncro, new, white, size 44 $70. Awesome trad shoe.





Sportive approach shoe, little use, couple of day trips, 46, $40.


Kyland, climbing/approach shoe, size 46, worn around the house and yard, basically new $40




Black Diamond rope bag/bucket pack. new $25





Marmont Femme Nikita pack, small 30/35liter? new $50

(retail was originally $200)






New England 10.5 x 60m red, new, never uncoiled $125.




North Face GoreTex ltw mtn Jacket, Large, worn a couple of weekends ice climbing. Tiny bit of dirt in places but other wise like new. $125. ($275 jacket new) Bright Yellow and black.





North Face Slick Rock tent, new, $150.





MSR bug hut2 tent new, $50




Sundog, euro style alpine climbing pack, 30L, med (too short for me) great shape, blue and purple. $40


p><p> MEC, one piece climbing suit, size LG, black and green, zippered pits and legs for venting and easy off and on, high tech micro fiber, breathable and water rsistant, hidden full size hood, in a big collar.  Awesome piece for skiing and cold weather climbing but also lt weight and [packls about the size of a 1 liter bottle. And it doesn


http://standingwave.org/albums/rehad/acb.sized.jpg' alt='acb.sized.jpg'>


Camelback water bag packs...black insulated, very basic. $10 each.


> [img]



Zipp 303s


Shimano or Campy hubs, your choice.


One set dimpled, $1000

one set non dimpled $700


> [img]


San Marco Gel Tri saddle, well used, but lots of life left, $20


> [img]


Louis Garneau Chrono helmet, LG, silver. Some "dings" (my puppy decided it was her chew toy) on the back rear of the foam/head band, does not affect fit or safety of helmet. And not visable. I used it for two more seasons with no issues what so ever) $40.




SRAM, aero bar carbon break levers, new, $60


> [img]


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my feet measure 8.5 and 9 when i have no socks on. think the freney or sportive would fit?


"FWIW I wear a 11.5 street shoe and all the men's stuff fits me. Rock shoes I wear tight. Mtn boots with light soxs." A 8.5/9 aint going to do it in any of my boots, sorry.

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