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Oh, Christmas Tree.


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Greetings from Sedro~


One of the greatest Christmas Days we have had is when we all went up to the Targhee National Forest to cut down a Christmas Tree. The permit was $5.00 and obtained through the National Forest office in Idaho Falls, ID.. We drove up to Island Park, ID. and hiked through deep snow with snow shoes and my son, Ian 18 months old in a sled. It was a clear day and the snow was sparkling in the sun as it fell off the full grown Lodge Poles. After hiking about 20 minutes we entered a clearing and there were hunderds of "house" size trees. We picked one, measured it, cut it and dragged it out always being thankful for the opportunity. Once home I realized that even using a tape Measure, the tree was like 3 feet too tall! Anyway, it was a beautiful tree and we would like to recreate this experience for Ian (3 1/2) and Sophie (1).. Any information for this type of expedition in the NW would be appreciated! I know I can contact the Forest Service, but wondered if anyone had a good general area they liked, without totally giving away, "The Spot".. Have a great Holiday Season with your kids!




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