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Some justice is coming


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Lets hope that this is just the start of things to come for that whole bunch.



Looking forward to the transition. Obama will look into a lot of these internet rumors and charges against the Bush admin floating around, and if there's any truth, put the miscreants in jail. Specifically, that Cheney allowed Haliburton to continually short ship any order to the mideast by 50% but get paid for 100%. We're talkin' huge money here. At least with Barak it won't be a Gerald Ford style pardon of Richard Nixon...Grrrrr, :anger: that one still sticks in the craw. Nixon was a criminal and got away with it. Bastard.


I'm really praying for real change here.

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I would love to see Cheney in jai but this does not seem like the way it is going to happen.

"The indictment has not been seen by a judge, who could dismiss it.

The grand jury in Willacy County, in the Rio Grande Valley near the U.S.-Mexico border, said Cheney is "profiteering from depriving human beings of their liberty," according to a copy of the indictment obtained by Reuters.

The indictment cites a "money trail" of Cheney's ownership in prison-related enterprises including the Vanguard Group, which owns an interest in private prisons in south Texas."


The Vanguard group is huge. I have a mutual fund with them. Why have I not been indicted? Inquiring minds want to know.


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I suspect this one is just a nuisance lawsuit. Usually, politicians have their investments in blind trusts for this very reason. However, I'm hoping President Obama looks into the previous admins. detailings and if any wrongdoing was involved anywhere, persue the miscreants like the hounds of hell with the full letter of the law. There may in fact truly be nothing there but a bunch of internet assholes complaining and cvetching, but at least we would all know if Barak and a team really were to look into all this.

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