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sat 28th


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Did you go up Pilchuck? I was suckered in by the blue skies at home Saturday morning, and took the dogs up there. What a blizzard up there on the summit! I was never so glad to see the lookout open. There was a surprising number of people up there, given the forecast and the conditions; I bet I saw three dozen people, including what looked like a Mountaineers group practicing with avalanche beacons.

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No I ended up heading into the headlee pass area below lewis and morning star peaks(parralling N ridge of lewis) went in about 1 or 2 miles to look at some slabs I had heard about. Talk about crappy weather I havent been that wet since swimming last summer.Ended up turning around when I got into steep loose talus an snow and my dog was having serious problems crossing back and forth over the raging headwaters of the stilly.Next time I will leave the dog home.Lots of potential for some serious slab routes, some maybe as long as 2000 ft.Any takers weekend after next?

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