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Bugaboos this June! Partners wanted!


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The porcupine thing is true. I was up there 2 years ago (only to get shut out by snow) and you do have to armor up your car. They are apparently attracted to the salt in the rubber (?) and will chew your hoses and tires to shreds- a shitty thing to happen since you're a LONG ways from the road at the TH. And a long way to the nearest town from the road.

You essentially wrap and brace chicken wire around the base of your car (bracing it with sticks and stones) so the little buggers can't get underneath and into your engine compartment. There was plently of wire up there already, but we had brought a roll and made a donation to the porcupine god. It's worth the $10 CDN we paid for the roll just to bring along andnot have to worry.

I have to second the notion of brining a couple of good books. And whiskey.

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A mumu is a big sack dress like fat women wear. Guy, Vance, John Millar etc. are currently ski traversing from Vancouver to Skagway Alaska, they are in Terrace this week, a month ahead of schedule. No word on nudity or porcupine hats yet.

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