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How skinny a rope with Grigri?


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there's only one size grigri, as far as i know, and i've used it down to a 9.1. i don't know if i'd recommend that though, since it feels a bit slick at that diameter. a friend doesn't have any qualms using it with his 9.1


i bought an eddy for skinny rope climbing, and that works really well.

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'Tis true that the device is rated for 10-11mm ropes. I'm sure that the Petzl catalog has some kind of skullncrossbones pic for using with smaller ropes.

That being said, it does work with slightly smaller diameter ropes, and I don't remember it being scary at all.

As far as using it with a 9.1, no thanks, not for me.




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Is this one of those sport-climber specific dumb things?


"Hey man, we can't use the Euro-death belay with the Figure 8 wrap and single strand of skinny rope anymore. What are we gonna do to make things more risky?"


"I GOT IT! Let's use a belay device made specifically for thick ropes, with total dental floss!"

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