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anyone know any famous climbers?


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Just because they are a well known climber does not that mean they can read and write a book review.


That said send me PM and I can ask a couple of very well known climbers who are friends who have been on the publishing end if they have anything interest.


In the mean time, given you are asking for literary reviews you might want to at least be clear in what you want -


"and care to send my their contact info?"


Do you want someone to send your contact info to them or do you want us to send their contact info to you. It is not clear?

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pm's sent. I'm in the whoring stage of publication, so I'm trying to get some fancy well known climbers and / or authors to write a little blurb saying it's the best thing under the sun.



Bridwell might do it but then again he might get the author's name wrong.


Ask Ament for 10 words and you might get 10,000.


Personally I think an agent might help you more than a couple of blurbs from has-been climbers.

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Wow welcome back Mt Guide/ Zac!

I browsed The sections on tips and food and thought it was a great effort on our own Mikes' part! There are so many tips locals have developed over the years. There isnt a "climber" here that couldnt benefit from them!

Sorry though, I dont know any famous climbers. Suggestions: Sean Issac , Roger Strong, Jim Nelson,Mark Westman,Vince Anderson, Steve House, Peter Potterfield, and Colin.

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