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climbing parntner needed


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I am always looking for climbing partners. My regular partner was lost not to the mountains but to a girl about a year ago. Hasn't climbed since. Right now I am training for Denali in june so would like to get out as much as possible. E-mail me at ajosephfd@hotmail.com. Also looking for good used down parka, pants and 30-40 below bag.

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hey dave,

i live in Everett also. I have been on a year long break. My wife and I had our first child. I have climbed all the volcanos in WA and Mt hood in OR. I have ice climbed in Banff and Vantage. I have also climbed rock all over the state (Darrington, Index, Peshastin, Leavenworth, Mt. Erie, Exit? up by the pass, Sloan peak) I am looking to do some long distance through hiking this summer also. send me an email and we'll talk.

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I live in everett as well, have been climbing about ten years, looking for partners to train with index weekday evenings/ mt eerie(sp).I can lead trad 5.9 follow 10/10a, minimal aid experience.would like to do longer alpine rock climbs.Cabable on glacier/ snow and low angle ice.Would like to raise the bar for myself and advance my leading grades. I am in the gym 2X a week and ride my bike 3X a week if anyone is up for it I could use the company/Motivation.Email Twig_leaf @hotmail.com.

Thanks Tyson

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i sawed your partner ad wanted. i happy to be told dis website and look forward maybe to find people to go with. i moved here to be with my boyfriend i climbed with. now he is not an i missed to climb. comfortable on USA climb grade to 5.10. donet go up first, just to follow insted. my english is improve slow. little climb gear i have because used my old boyfriend stuff when he taked me. if you wante to go to climbing i be happy! also i must tell that i small person may be you not to mind carry little extra wait for me. maybe i hear from you now soon? i still stay in everett for now.


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