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Indoor Gym Partner in Seattle


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Are you looking for Red Rocks partners, partners to help you get ready, or both? I lead low-10s trad and mid-10s sport. Long, multi-pitch is, well, there's nothing better. I have the usual challenges finding partners with schedules which match mine. Red Rocks is definitely on my to-do list. If you like, I can supply resume and references.



"But to snuff it without knowing who you are and what you are capable of, I can't think of anything sadder than that." Mo Anthoine in Feeding the Rat, by Al Alvarez, 1988.

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i'm planning a long road trip this spring and summer. if you want to hook up in red rocks for some great multipitch-i've been there twice and love it. be happy to give adivce on gear placement, etc... depending on your background, try john long's two books on anchors, the mountineers guide (especially the gear chapters) and the road side guide to climbing (these last two can be checked out from seattle public library). let me know what dates your looking at for red rocks. ive done gear leading for the past three summers (index, squamish, leavenworth, smith, and red rocks-10a/b) and am very safety conscious. see ya

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we don't need to go inside. there is dry climbing in washington. we have been out to index 7 days this month, alone. even today. and have got the gobbies to prove it.

free yourself of the confines of that chalk choked air and those manky space heaters, break forth into the sunlight and take hold what is ours. outdoor climbing year round.

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I am always looking for partners. As we all know schedules get a bit crazy. What gym do you belong to?

I have spent a fair amount of time at Red Rocks. I did not get to spend as much time in the canyons as I would have liked to but there is endless possiblities. Truely a playground. Let me know if you want to pull ropes at the gym or want some beta on Red Rocks itself.


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