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Climber missing on Mt Adams

Jeff W

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That is the most excellent news! Finally, a happy ending.


I can still picture his father's face from Tuesday. I'll bet it looks a whole helluva lot different now. :tup: :tup:


Mad props out to all the climbers, searchers, and the puppies!



No snow at all below the RTM trail, and for about 500-1,000 feet or so above it. At least, that's what it looked like early this week. So figger snow level about 7k or so, give or take.

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Thats great he was found! I just talked to my sar leader and was going to search saterday-sunday, i gusse i might go climbing then, maybe try that spot in cle elum. Sobo: Sheriffs SAR deputys are paied and so is pararescue that have been looking for climbers on mt hood in the past. Also some dog handlers are paid and some fire fighters are trained in mountain rescue. Cant forget the armys helocopter pilots. Peace.

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I'm not going to debate with you about who's paid and who's not. I'm too tired right now. But recall that sherriff's deputies are paid whether or not they are on a mission, so it's all in a day's work for them. The military uses SAR missions as battle evacuation training, so like the deputies, it's all in a day's work for them, too. And the budgets for this stuff is already in your taxes. I've never heard of a paid dog team. That's a new one on me.

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Thats cool, Thats cool. No heat. Though I was on a training over the summer with a dog handler who was recived pay for a local agencys for varius varus agencys. Hes been around for a while. He worked for about 30 days during the space shuttle that crashed during take off looking for reamins (never found any) but got paid a firefighters sallary 24/7 while he was there. Also some are independently hired by family and friends of the missing. But almost all county sar and mountain rescue teams. Some SAR teams in other states are paied just so there on the sheiffs insurance plan. Sorry for the bad spelling but you are prety right sobo. Theres the coast guard rescue swimmers (yes they do land ops) and the Pararescue in alska is for ops in russia but they are also there for Mt. Mckinley.

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