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[TR] 3-o'clock rock - silentrunning--car-less 9/29/2008


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Trip: 3-o'clock rock - silentrunning--car-less


Date: 9/29/2008


Trip Report:

I know the route has been written about plenty, but this is with a twist.


After the truck went on the disabled list this summer, I got interested in car-less recreation. The catch was I usually only have time to squeeze in day trips, so the thought of using a bike and bus to make days count was a little daunting, but I ended up ripping some good mountain bike rides and doing some cragging. Something more substantial was in order -- how far could I take the bus/bike in a day approach.


After studying bus schedules, a trip materialized from the matrix of timetables. Silver Linings -- in a day and back again. When I plugged it into the King Country trip planner, the computer fired back "Trip not Possible." It was so on. Besides, I've never experienced an unplanned bivy in the burbs...


5:30 A.M.





It's all about the Washingtons baby...


After a 4:30 alpine start, we took the 44 to the U District. We onsighted this, barely due to a fight between a slightly nervous mentally handicapped man who left his bag in aisle and surly drunk woman.


510 to Everett


We didn't stick this first go. This transfer is the one of two distinct cruxes. If you don't make the 6:07 am bus...you're done. There were three bikers ahead of us on the first go. So we returned a few weeks later and stuck it. We did not use fixed lines.


The 510 links to the 202 to Smokey Point. Here comes the second crux. The transfer to the 230 to Darrington. There's only three minutes to transfer and it's the last bus to Darrington that morning, so you'd be enjoying the 7-11 at Smokey Point for a while if you missed it for some reason. We stuck it.



three miles on the mountain loop to the 7(?) gravel road climb, which was actually pretty cruiser -- about an hour. We stomped up the trail, fired the route, and were down by 2:30 or so.



look at all the jugs...it's kind of like thailand.


Reversed it back to Seattle. The last bus out of Darrington leaves at 7:17 pm. We picked Silent Runnings just because we didn't know how long the bike ride would take, but really for a strong party you could probably rip something on exfoliation. We were just playing it safer. We were back at the Darrington bus stop by 4.


pretty sweet. it makes the mundane task of getting there a little less mundane.


and it cost...



$8.75 for two.


If you want more information you can listen to a story I did for my business by clicking Dirtbag Diaries Epi 21 here.


Gear Notes:



Approach Notes:


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TR of the week. Way to be!!!


No way!!! That is one of the TR's of the year, that is awesome. I loved that fact that this was done on the second go, way to stick with it. Last summer when I was back I was wondering how possible it was to do something like, I guess I have my answer.


:tup: :tup: :tup:

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I'm glad you all dug the trip. It was pretty fun and really not all that bad. It kind of ads this interesting element to it.


Some of the other trips easily possible.


Exit 32 -- this is pretty easy when you use the busses. It drops you off about a 3/4 of a mile from the trailhead. I also tried making that journey from Seattle without the bus -- just a bike. Not recommended. The pack definitely takes it out of you and it ends up being some ridiculous amount of miles -- it whooped me.


Index -- From Seattle you can take the 510 or 511's up to Everett, which is almost as quick as driving. And the 270 goes out to Gold Bar...almost to Reiter Rd. Pedaling on US 2 isn't my cup of tea, but it's only seven miles from Index to the Gold Bar bus stop. Does anyone know if you can take Reiter Rd all the way to Index town walls? That would be more pleasant, but I haven't tried it.

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There is a new piece of gear that can cut down your rack size by about 75%!!!!:




Now available at fine gear retailers near you!



Awesome trip report. Alternative transportation makes things more interesting. I have very fond memories of motorcycling up to Alpental and going for a quick jaunt up Das Toof. Not quite as eco-friendly as the bus/bike combo though.

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Nice Send Fitz!


Reiter road does connect to index (as long as its not still under construction like it was this summer), you can ride from seattle via the burck gilman, the woodinville duval highway, high bridge road/W snoqualamie valley rd/tulaca (to avoid 203) ben howard road (across the river from 2 from monroe to sultan) and reiter and avoid 2 almost entirely.


A more fun option might be some forest service roads from duval to index.

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kick ass trip, with thinking like that, we'll beat the gas hogs yet!

I spent most of a week in Aug. camped just over the bridge towards exfoliation dome but only got the first pitch of big tree 1 on 3 O.C.R. done. Was with the wife and she was not up for climbing this year.

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