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TENDONITIS - medical recommendation needed


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Doug T is spot on.

There is no magical cure for tendonitis .. it is an overuse injury that occurs when the space between the tendon and the sheath gets inflammened (due to repetative movement or straining/overuse). This inflammation/swelling is countered by the body releasing more synovial fluid into the space ... which unfortunately causes more swelling ... which causes more fluid to be released.

Vicious cycle.

Cured only by rest and letting the body heal itself.


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Okay .. to follow-up

There are other treatments available.

Cortisone shots, surgery (to scrape some more space in the sheath), and acupuncture.


These treatments deal with the symptoms though, mainly the pain, and is recommended for people who can't stop the activity that is causing the injury.

Not quite what is happening here, unless you are a professional climber being paid to climb (wish I was!!!).


Rest is the best. IMHO



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If it is a chronic problem most likely you have scar tissue in your tendon and just resting it won't heal your elbow completely. Sometimes tendinitis means you have a muscle imbalance. One muscle may be weaker therefore the tendon is taking on some of the stress that the muscle is supposed to take on so it's getting worked unusually hard and the body responds by trying to reinforce the site by providing extra support (scar tissue). Anyway, to properly assess your situation I recommend seeing a physical therapist. Usually PT comes before cortisone shots, surgery, etc. They can use massage to work some of the scar tissue out. They can also tell you if there is muscle imbalance and work on strengthening the muscle(s) so this doesn't happen again. Hope that helped a little!

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i've had it occasionally over the years from bouldering mainly.


i've found lots of push-ups to help a lot for the spot you speak of. shoulder width on hand separation, sets of 20 to 30 a few times a week, and that's actually worked miracles of sorts for me and a few others i know.


having a good deep tissue therapist has helped me a lot with tendinitis in other body parts. i can give you her name if you want. she's kind of expensive at 85 an hour, but worth it, and is covered by insurance.


i've also heard that cortisone is usually a pretty bad idea.


i've recently read that inflammation plays a lesser role in tendinitis than previously thought, meaning ice and such might not be so effective after all ( it seemingly hasn't helped me before).


good luck.

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If you don't like the idea of a doctors visit, roids, cutting or long down time Ive had very good results from the following:


R-I-C-E for the first 2 days.


Next (give this about 3 or 4 more days) rest but with alternating hot and cold treatments - add some light massage to the "hot" portions of the treatments.


Next, before a training or climbing session, soak your arm in hot water, apply tiger balm (not essential but I like it), massage the hell out of it, do warm up movements and stretch and then do your thing.


Then, instead of "icing it" after the training/climbing session I do this first; soak it in hot water (again), more intense massage, more hot water, more stretching, more massage. Apply Tiger balm and massage it in and then use a vibrate thingy on it for several minutes. Wash off the stinky T balm and then do the R-I-C-E treatment (30 min). You can toss in a Ibupro or Naproxin if you wish.


Massage Techniques


Within 2-3 weeks all pain was gone in my case - of coarse this is not intended to replace medical advice.

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Go to the local health store buy Castor Oil and a wool wrap.

Wrap it every day for around a hour, Use the wrap, oil and plastic

saren wrap. It itself won't cure the problem but it will help

a lot. It is a old time arthritis remedy that really works.


Also, knowing that you will climb on it injured do this before

you go out and it will help. Sort of lubricates the area before


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