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Weekend climbing pics -bring it!

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How old is your daughter?

he's a long haired hippy freak...i have daily discussions about his mop...


Me: When you gonna cut that rag heap?

Him: Not today, not tomorrow

Brother: Are you getting a barbie and barrettes for XMAS?


Fistfight ensues...I break the two boys up...Repeat next day


Not joking on this either...it literally happens 4 to 5 times a week...

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LOL, I thought mine was gonna let it hit his ass. I figured, "what the hell" as it didn't matter to me, kid was looking like a stout Dan Osman at some point. One day, the lad is cruising downtown on his bike and some dood wolf whistles at him, the boy turns and embarrassment ensues. So the kid finally cut it to shoulder length AND grew what appear to most to be a caterpillar thing on his chin. Here's a pic after the haircut. He had a wild-assed mane going for a while.


The wife still rode his ass about his hair and its close to normal finally (seen here out shooting). Shaun_at_Cathedral_July_2008_small.jpg


Then he went to college. They made him dorm president the first week, and he cut all that the 2nd.


We figured he's probably gettin some.... :lmao:

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Saturday the company thing was doing lunch on the sternwheeler and cruising the Willamette. Didn't go climbing or hiking, but did get my spray quotient up a bit.


Today, called Jim and he blew me off, Ujahn was busy (seen here doing trapeze stuff this weekend). IMG_1681.JPG

So I went out to solo some on that wall in the picture up there. It was as quiet as it ever gets. NO ONE anywhere! It took 4 hours to get there, worked on the trail on the way. The rock was still wet from yesterdays rain. Stepped off the ground and the the first cold muddy foothold waited @ 10 seconds before it blew. Decided to stay close to the ground as an injury alone could very well turn fatal. The ground where it was shaded never unfroze, there was snow 100' up.

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I was wondering what you folks got on. Nice. Is that you at Trout?


Naw...I can't climb that hard. Its a kid named Andy, really nice kid and strong as heck.


We climbed: Gold Rush, Squiggles, Suzuki, Monster, Tolken, and U4.


That Monster is a full value route. I am always so impressed with the stone, the routes, but mostly the people and the social scene that is out there. Special Place

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Still looks better than where I was. My wife said "Why don't you take the lil Dawg out?


So I did. This is the only picture as it was raining most of the day.



She was unimpressed.


I think she might have been referencing the Trailer Park Floozy here:


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