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[TR] Lemolo Peak (erstwhile Hardest Mox) - NE Buttress ("After Hours") V 5.10- R 9/12/2008


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Thanks for the comments y'all.


Rolf or I will put a line on John's picture; we do recommend the route, tons of good climbing on well-featured rock with the requisite dollop of alpine choss. 4 or 5 stars in our books.


I got a couple reactions to the TR that prompt me to clarify: the bit I wrote about mutual disrespect, etc. is a (perhaps poor) satirical treatment of the caricature of Rolf by me and some of his friends. It's for my own entertainment--if you know him, you know he's a good dude, much like most folks around here, except perhaps with higher standards... and the ability to send the sickness when I pulled up lame. The abusive talk is in jest and adds levity when commiserating through a shiver-bivy or other setback. Enough of that.


Lots of people getting cool stuff done in the Cascades this year--I'm stoked that we added a morsel to a productive season in the home range. Also happy to share any info. with future interested parties.

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i suspect there are quite a few people who post or lurk here that would enjoy this route and probably could do it in a very long day rt from camp. difficulties are concentrated in the middle third. the remainder has climbing up to 5.8 or so. we bivvied in the 3rd class terrain near the snowpatch shown on john roper's photo. this would just be a standard route in the canadian rockies.


thanks to john roper and john scurlock for the photos.

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