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Bunion Pain

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I am meaning to have bunion surgery someday but not soon. I was hoping someone out there would have a solution for the relief of the pain . When doing rainier all is good until the decent. Around camp muir the bugger really starts talking to me. My boots were customized already to give it room to breathe and that helps a long ways but not the entire distance . By the time i get to Paradise I am crippled.Anyone out there have a similar problem or advice it will be greatly appreciated as I am doing Rainier in a week. Thanks

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I feel your pain bro.. !!! Not sure if I can offer you much more than empathy, as you've probably tried the things I have.

For my tailor's bunions, (outside of foot), I tried some roomier boots (old/used). That helped some. Then I got the real thick moleskin and cut ovals about 1"x2" and wedged between my liner sock and outer sock before putting on the boots. Makes for a snug fit but did help. You can also make one donut put it on first, then follow it up with a full oval.

Finally, I decided to go under the knife and had one bunion removed last winter. I was out of commission for 2 months, and had to start-over on some of the strength/conditioning...a real bummer.

This climbing season I was glad I got the surgery as the pain is gone on one foot. The surgery wasn't perfect as I now notice some discomfort near where the bunion was when hiking on uneven terrain with flexible soled boots, but my plastics feel just fine.

I will probably have the other foot done this winter and hopefully both my feet will feel like going where my mind does !!!

Good luck on the the Rainier climb ....is this #4 for you this year?

I'm sending a related message to your mailbox.


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Ted's suggestion is a good one; the other thing you might try as an interim solution is adjusting the boot laces differently from the ascent -- definitely try to pad (using moleskin and perhaps even some duct tape to keep the whole padding mass in place and prevent blisters) and on the descent, tighten the laces to prevent your foot from moving around in the boots. DC or Emmons for this attempt? Stay clear of glacier melting!! Good luck.


Courtenay Schurman, CSCS

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I had a tailors bunion on the outside of the foot and the recovery is quicker/easier than a regular bunion on the inside of the foot. I had crutches for 2 days, then hobbled in a temporary cast (removable) for 2 months. My job is at a desk (database designer) so fortunately or unfortunately, (however you want to look at it) I was able to resume work 4 days after surgery. The Dr. said I was to stay off for 2 weeks, but I was hard of hearing.

I think though if it is a regular bunion on the inside of the foot, crutches may be needed for up to a month because most of the body weight is supported on the inside of the foot, rather than the outside.

Either way a real 'pain' to deal with.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks both Ted and Courtney I will definetly try the skin with the duct tape and the lace adjustment on the decent . Courtney unfortuneatly I am doing the D>C. route again since at my skill level it is about the only route in decent enough shape to climb . The Emmons is in fair shape but a better chance of summiting on the D.C. and the people who are going with me really want to summit. we planned this climb via the internet months ago and I didn't realize that I would be sick of this route yet ( I am). Hopefully next yrear will be different or this winter (jan -feb)I can get a group together for a shot.thanks again....Dan

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I had something similar on my left pinky tow. The bone over time started to point to the inside of the foot causing a corn in the inside of my tow. (And man what a pain…) I have been told that this is common

And they can do several things to relieve it but there only one thing to solve it (operation) I have delay this option for so long (15 years) but recently I have done it. I have only one thing to say: I should have done it very long time ago I feel so much better

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