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Anderson River (SpringBok, Steinbok) Approach PSA


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Drive Hwy1 East from Hope. All distances are given in miles.


For the gravel roads you will want a high-ish clearance car. Subaru Outback was ok when very careful.


~27 miles: Cross huge bridge, about .5 miles past the bridge, take a right on the Nahatlatch FS Road. This is in the vicinity of a hwy maintenance shed type complex. The road quickly begins by turning steeply up and right. All mileages on these gravel logging roads are in miles, and should be exact. Set the odometer when you turn off Hwy1.


1.8 MilesVeer right @ road fork near old bus/junk


3.8 MilesGate here, it was open on a Saturday, but a key in hand would be wise.


7.1 Miles VERY important sharp left turn up a steep hill. Missing this sharp left turn will bring you immediately to another gate, which we found open. Don't go through the gate, go left before it.


10 Miles Old logging camp infrastructure.


11.5 Miles Big bridge (shortly followed by smaller bridge off to the left)


13.7 Miles Junction with S. Anderson Road. Stay left on North Anderson.


15.1 Miles Junction of North Anderson and a spur road leading off to the right (south) towards roads 600 and 610. Take the RIGHT turn, leaving North Anderson Main.


15.8 Miles Park here, where a small clearing exists at the beginning of road 610. This is unmarked and the old road is now a trail with alders invading quickly. Several small fire rings exist.



Hiking Approach:


Hike South on the old roadbed of road 610. Evidence of alder pruning exists at first. Follow this road/trail, keeping the creek down and to your right. Don't turn off this road, but follow it south until you are opposite Steinbok peak, above where a long strip of old-growth timber extends downslope on the opposite side of the valley. Bash and thrash your way down to the stream, cross it, and head up into the strip of old-growth, where a recently improved trail leads to open alp slopes below Steinbok, Les Cornes, Chamoix, etc.

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we did what dru said and it seems like a better way. fwiw, a few weeks after ty and i climbed springbok we came back and tried steinbok. the road had been considerably pruned and the approach was way better.


:brew: to whoever put some hard work in up there!

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Yeah we were only three and wanted to get the really dense stuff out of the way so we could continue with the truck. We got all the way through to where the road Dru refers to branchs right and back to the Chamoix approach. My paint job will never be the same but it beats the hell out of the Alder approach from hell!

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Once we took the road on the west side then followed a trail at the end of the 2nd switchback which turned into a major schwackfest. It was the most brutal schwacking I've ever done. We then took large talus to Steinbok and easier ground up to the col, then ascended the slabs to the top. Was a really long day of mostly brush. I'd reccommend getting to the old growth as fast as possible via Dru's way.

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Climbed the route this week, sorry Wayne. There is no camp anymore so no key required.


The road is 2wd to the parking area, however there is one spot that may be troublesome. But a corrolla or something made it through, depends on your comfort otherwise any light suv is fine. no alder scratch either.


We took the Sprungcok direct start and it was great climbing, the first pitch is half buried still.


The descent anchors are decent, new tat on almost all stations.


The gully is snow filled, we managed to traverse off climbers left on a obvious ledge at the bottom of the last rap. We installed a 2 nut station and rapped most of the snow field. We then kicked steps the rest of the way.


Drew suggests a South side approach up and over the steinbok ibex col, check it out on google earth may be worth doing? The descent from Ibex to Les Cornes is in a short snow couloir, axe possibly needed?


Sprungcok beta



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