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Ride sharing to your favorite crag!


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1. Any day Monday 6/16/08 to Thursday 6/19/08

2. Index (my fav), Leavenworth, Little Si or elsewhere

3. Seattle (Lake City area)

4. 1 (just me :grin:)

5. No car (but can share burden of driving/gas)


PM me if interested. Full rack and can lead on gear up to mid .11



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Looking for a ride to Washington Pass area. Climbing partner driving from Eastside


1. Late Thursday 7/3; Early Friday 7/4

2. Washington Pass

3. U District, Seattle

4. 1

5. Possible, but not desirable


Call Wayne1112 @ 206-818-1327 (He doesn't have internet access right now.


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Was thinking of getting some turns in up at Cascade Pass this weekend but can't justify/afford driving on my own. If somebody wants to team up on something, that could be cool, but mainly I'm just looking for a rideshare.


1. Leaving saturday morning, back sunday night.

2. Cascade Pass or anywhere thereabouts.

3. Seattle.

4. 1

5. I can steal my girlfriend's car if necessary, about 32 mpg.

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Looking for rideshare to Alpental ski area on Snoqualmie Pass

Leaving Friday 7/18/08 returning Saturday night 7/19/08

Live in Portland,OR

Need to leave my car with my wife


509 389-6569


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1. Date 8/18 to 8/21 or 22

2. Destination Sawtooths, elephant perch, fickle finger

3. Origination Carver (Portland)

4. number in party 2

5. if you can drive or not (and the mpg of your car if so). will drive 99 subie w/thule. We could be more definitive if need be. low to mid 20s mpg, quick but careful driver. One disclaimer, air fills quickly with lefty talk.

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Ride Wanted:

1. Date: anytime between now (8/28) and Monday (9/1).

2. Destination: Bend, OR/ Smith

3. Origination: Medford, OR

4. number in party: just me + gear

5. if you can drive or not (and the mpg of your car if so): no car...


osbecker at hotmail dot com

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Ride needed:

1. Date: October 11-13

2. Destination: Mt. Rainier (Longmire/Paradise)

3. Origination: Seattle

4. Number in Party: just me

5. if you can drive or not (and the mpg of your car if so): no car...


indra_shaltiel@hotmail dot com


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I'm leaving sometime this week, maybe as soon as wednesday night.

I'm driving a van down so there is lots of space but unfortunately only one belted seat in addition to the driver seat. The back is set up to live in. I could take as many as two or three if they are willing to just free solo it in the back.


I am meeting people down there to climb so I was not planning to stop off anywhere on the way.


The van gets 20-25mpg and 25+ if it's driven in the 55-65 range.


If your interested email me asap at blisstout@gmail.com


Please include a little bit about yourself so I can get an idea of who I'll be sharing the trip with.


If you have any questions email me.


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I'm going to Leaveneworth on Friday, then coming back to seattle on sunday and then I'm probably going to turn around and go back... maybe monday (is that the 6th?). I think I'll want to stay out there until the following weekend. Let me know if you wanna ride. I actually don't have a climbing partner for the trip yet either.


I've lead gear routes into the hard elevens, but I usually fall alot and its a real shit-show... I'm solid following on any 11's (I won't be flailing and taking all day). I'm solid leading 10's on gear and I can make my way up sport into the 12's.


I've also got a pretty complete rack.


I'd also be into maybe bouldering a couple of times out there... I've got a decent pad. I'd like to stay pretty motivated out there and get alot of climbing done, but I'm laid back enough. What do you think?




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Ride wanted

1. To Leavenworth on Friday 4/24 in the evening or Saturday 4/25 in the morning.

2. From Seattle.

3. Will pay for all gas.

4. Wife is joining me on Sunday with the car so I just the one way ticket.

5. Meeting a climbing partner there.





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