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East Ridge of Inspiration (summer '07)


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Great photos and nice beta for others.


The descent off that thing is brutal...


I would estimate the crack you climbed to be more like 5.9 than 5.10 -- great jams the whole way and not quite vertical -- but certainly sustained and in a tremendous position!


Nice work!

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Thought I should clarify something: there are two possible cracks for this pitch: the one to the right is apparently 5.9. The other one, directly above the ledge, is much cleaner looking and - I think - harder. We climbed the latter, which I still feel is about 10a.

The pic below (borrowed from Steph, http://sabegg.googlepages.com) shows the 5.9 crack in red. The other crack is clearly visible right above the climber. Hope the link works...




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Cool -- nice pic (steph!) -- thanks for the clarity.


Ericandlucie, you climbed the same crack (the left hand one) that I did. I still say 5.9 for it, but I agree that the rightward traverse at the end was thin, and the crack overall strenuous.

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