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looking for a room to rent in Squamish (July/Aug)


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Hey all, some of you may remember me from last year. I'm planning on spending July and August in Squamish again this year (I'm a teacher and have summers off). I loved living in the campground last year, but this year, I'm thinking it might be nice to rent a room. So if anyone has a room for rent (or share). I'm looking for something cheep (around $200/month). PM me if you have something you'd like to rent or any information you think would be helpful.


And of course, I'll be looking for climbing partners as well. I'll probably post something to that effect in the partners section as the date gets closer.

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Yeah, I've been posting there as well. If I don't find a room, I'll be at the campground as well. And I'd be happy to rope up with you. I'm still recovering from a shattered ankle from a bad fall last August and me lead head took quite a beating from the fall as well. But I was in Squamish last weekend and led several climbs including an easy short 10a (Nubile Woman), so hopefully it won't take long to get back to where I was. If the room thing doesn't work out, maybe we can share a campsite as well! :)

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