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WA Pass Ski-In 2008 - Memorial Day weekend


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Date is set, snow is there, the highway is open...


Make sure you book off the 23-26th for some corn harvesting and general cc.com style debauchery in the N. Cascades!




We need some people to commit to a few items and tasks to make this run smoothly:


BYO mugs!


Firewood - more the better. We are guests on DaveP's friends land, and if we leave a little extra wood, that would be a good thing.


Ice - For the :brew: lemonade ;) Picking up a garbage can of snow at the pass on the way from Seattle is a good option.


Chairs - There never seem to be enough... if you've got a couple extras, and some space, throw them in!


Charcoal - There's a couple of old style grills there, and a bag of charcoal would be handy indeed...


Breakfast goods - Usually we end up doing at least one big group breakfast, pancakes and the like. Bring what you like, and a little to share... :hcluv:


Water - Bring your own. There is washing water available from the river or the pump, but you will want your own drinking water supply.


There will be a portapotty on site.


David Parker says:




Traveling east over WA Pass: The property/cabin is approx 4.5 miles past the turn off to Mazama on the North side of the road. It is also approx .8 miles before you cross the Wyman bridge over the Methow river where the Goat Creek rd. merges. (so traveling w. on Hwy 20 look for it on the right about .8 miles after crossing it) There is a metal gate which is now locked. The fencing is zig-zag style stacked railing. If you intend to arrive before Friday evening sometime, please call me at 206-714-4300 for the combo.


You do not need a SUV to get in. Any regular car is fine. The driveway meanders back into the woods. The tent camping area is accessed via the left at the fork when you see the cabin.


Bring drinking water or expect to hike 1/4 mile to the river to get it. There is a hand pump well, but the water has some iron in it. Also, bring fire wood if you can. All I ask is that you leave the property in better condition than we found it!


The driveway turn off is at N 48.54950 W 120.34101 on the N side of SR20.

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Hey snoboy, seems like this is your party...newbies allowed? New to the area not to bc skiing. It would be super cool to meet some people and see where the turns are at!

I'm adorable till I turn to toast after 2 drinks, and I got some latin fire, but definately not HOT enough to melt any snow :)


And hey if the snow melts, I'll be phsyched to go climbing!


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It's all good & fun in the snow...except for some snowshoer destroying the skin track!

Thanks snoboy, I'll definately try to get there, I'm not even in Wa. yet, sounds like a great time.

I'll have to get a little more info closer to the date, but it sounds like car camping to me??? I love the cozy back of my truck :)

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