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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.
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About me and who I'm looking for


Wow. I never thought I'd ever find myself doing this. But it's just so hard to meet people these days. Usually you meet people at work or through friends, but that just isn't working. And I'm just not into the bar scene anymore.


I know it's cliche, but I love long walks in the woods. I'm fit. I have a fair amount of free time. And I'm highly motivated and committed. I like rocks. But I like ice better. Especially in the mountains. I've got a fair amount of experience, but I certainly don't know everything and am no hard man. Yet?


You - well, you better be at least reasonably fit. I'm not into cults, but I guess you can crossfit. Just don't expect me to. You know enough about climbing not to get killed, and maybe you know a lot. I'm more interested in someone willing to get after it, is motivated to climb a lot, and has the time/ability to do that. You're also willing to suffer, 'cause you know that's where the fun's at.


About me


hair: brown

eyes: brown

best feature: my small feminine hands

body art: one strategically placed tattoo

sports and exercise: climbing, all types; road biking; skiing

exercise habits: as much as possible

daily diet: I eat my veggies

interests: Ptarmagin Ridge, Triple Couloirs, Stuart Glacier Headwall, Mt. Waddington, West Ridge of Hunter, West Rib of Denali, Canadian Rockies, North Cascades, North Ridge of Stuart, Adams Glacier, etc., etc.



About my date


hair: any

eyes: any

body type: fit

drink: definitely

relationships: single, divorced, open relationship

have kids: hopefully not

want kids: no time soon

turn-ons: cold snaps, sharping tools, driving, caffeine, border crossings

turn-offs: south sides, dropped gear, careers, not chipping in for gas



In my own words


In all seriousness, I'm tired of fucking around. I've been half-assing this climbing thing for years now. Getting out in short spurts, starting to get somewhere and then something gets in the way. The most frustrating is maintaining consistent and motivated partners who have similar interests. I know everyone has a real life, but I'm tired of losing partners to wives, kids, careers, etc. Its time to put up, and shut up for me. I got into climbing because of the mountains. I lost sight of that somewhere along the way and the cragging became an end in and of itself. I want to get back into the mountains. Climb as much possible, and work towards Alaska and the Canadian Rockies.


Realistically, I'm looking for a group of people who are sincerely motivated to climb. I don't care if you don't have much experience. I'm not going to teach you how to use crampons and swing a tool. You already know how to do that. But I'll take motivation over skill any day. I've spent years climbing with people who climb much harder than me, and while I've gotten to do some great stuff, I didn't do any of it personally, and I've missed out on all the intermediate stuff necessary for my own development. Until I can do it myself, I'm done with that.


If you're interested, PM me. We'll get out. Somewhere. Soon. My only limit is no south sides. I've put in my time slogging. I'm open to anything else.


Your match,










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