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My ultimate dream is being unsatisfied...help!!


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The name "Darasius" kept bugging me, since I thought it was a classical literary reference I should know. So, I googled it expecting to find the lit reference. No luck, but looky here:






BTW, it's amazing how fast CC.com threads rise to the top of Google searches. Why?


check this cached page out...

Its been deactivated, but same person...


last one at the bottom...she's legit...well at least she's "real"

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shit my blog has been discovered haha! :)


but seriously, just a fashion experiment I have started.

Now that the secret is out, I'll admit that I'm an aspiring fashion designer, just one of my hobby's.


Honestly, some of my best outfits I have still to post sometime soon, so stay tuned to www.darasius.blogspot.com for some more sweet outfits!!


Okay, people think I'm a freak now...great.

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Sorry Rob, I meant to respond but I must have forgotten. I appreciate your offer. Seattle is a bit far north, and I don't think I plan on going there anytime soon...but once I am out of school, I'll probably head out there with (hopefully I'll have made some equally harcore close friends of mine), and then we can meet up. I have no problem meeting strangers in other locations as long as I have some of my own people with me.

I'd love to meet anyone and everyone who climbs mountains, really.

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I did a climbing trip back in the 80s in the Canadian Rockies. I didn't have a car or a partner.


I got a ride to Vancouver Canada then I bought a train ticket to Lake Louise. I had a huge duffel bag full of gear and some food. I then went out to the Highway and stuck out my thumb. After awhile I got a ride up the Icefields Parkway to the Columbia Icefields. I then got a campsite and started walking around and talking to folks who looked like climbers.


In the end I met a decent partner with a car and we did a bunch of climbing all the way from an attempt on Robson to climbing Mt Louise down by Banff.


At the end I got back on the train and got back to Vancouver and then a ride to Seattle.


All it took was the desire, some money, and the will to make it happen.

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