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My ultimate dream is being unsatisfied...help!!


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This is a very sensitive issue, so can everyone please not joke about it or post rude comments. I shouldn't have even brought it up because it starting to bring me down even more, but I can't get it out of my mind.



Well it looks like your true ultimate dream is now satisfied, congrats on sinking the hooks in and making it to spray.

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once if he's lucky, dozens of times if he's got a big wallet


she better learn to say "yes" if she wants to bum some rides...

gas, grass, or ass - nobody rides for free




that is the best bumper sticker in the world. I am thinking about getting that tattooed on my ass ;)

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By the way part two:

Check out my killer calves:




Yes, those are really mine. Further proof that I am hardcore mountain climber. I have to admit that's pretty impressive for a 20 year old girl. And I'm just getting started!!


Hardcore mountain climber! Hahahaa....I would say, transvestite calves, but not hardcore mountain climber.


I count on stupid people to make me smile or even laugh. It's kinda hard to get that around here, so when someone like you shows up I am reminded that stupid people make the world go around. You are so funny in a pathetic rat girl kinda way.


Please don't stop being a whiny little excuse filled shit. It's too funny!

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