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We are planning a trip to hyalite and cody next week, and I just checked the cody forecast. It is forecasting highs between 35 and 38 for the middle of next week (depending on source). I am just wondering how the cody forecast compares to the forecast at the locations/elevations of most of the climbs.

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I am no expert in cody but i have been out there a couple times. Both times in february. But I think the biggest problem with going out there early season is the river not being completely frozen over. For early season stuff you want to be on the north facing side which means crossing the wide, fairly shallow and slow moving river. You can be all means wade across but really.. UGH! Locals do it but I think they are used to that kind of self torture.


With forcast like you mention, I doubt that south facing climbs are in.


Cowboy up and get on it! Let us know if you go and if you see any grizzlies.

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