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Since my wife's on the pill, I don't have a need for protection. You can have all my unused pro if you want it. tongue.gif

Sorry to here that you are nuts. I've heard Prozac does good things.


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I have two forged friends, sz 3, and 3.5. They are the old school, aluminum colored ones. They have red paint residue on them (I marked my stuff that way), most of that has worn away. The lobes are in good condition, no deep gouges, no falls. They have been tied off with gemini cord through the lightening holes. They rock. They are bad ass. Manly. You want to buy these. $50 for both. craigmond@hotmail.com

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thats way to much information......but funny as hell. i think you need to clarify with kevin on what kind of protection your giving away if you even call old expired lifestlye's protection...hahah


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Hey Blakley- Who was the sicko who came up with the plastic penis hold anyways? What company makes that? "Yeah, I'd like to order 5 sets of crimpers and 2 penis holds." That thing scared the bejezus out of me. I wonder how they made the mold?

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