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anyone for Rainer in the winter time?


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Definitely curious, but new to NW climbing. Just moved to PDX, in good climbing shape, have appropriate gear, spent the summer on NOLS in Alaska- have my basics together. Not sure if you want a NW newbie around, but I am definitely interested in chasing routes like this. Let me know what you think or if there is a better way to get on the scene.



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Im am highly interested in the gib ledges route this winter. Im am from jersey, am properly equipped, summited this past june via DC. Obviously it is difficult for me to jump out there right when a weather window opens so careful planning and following forecasts would be my best option. If anyone is interested let me know.


Maine-iac.....South side routes are accesible. The road is plowed to paradise.

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I am open Dec 15 to climb Gib ledges.

So far I have no one to go with.

Schedules and Rainier do not mix well but we can organize and be ready if conditions permit.

PM me if you want to schedule a climb.

I have summitted a few times by DC, Emmons, & LR.

Never in winter.

Got stormed off Gib Ledges a couple times.


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If we luck out on weather and get an early go we might cruise down to Hood and try to get on Yokum Ridge


That is one tough cookie. Any reason why you chose that route over some other classics (I realize Yokum is also a classic)?


My climbing partner and I were slated to get on Yocum last winter, we had a great weather window, but the mountain was closed due to the climbers that got lost. My climbing partner used to guide for Timberline Mountain Guides and has done many of the classic Hood lines; Yocum is a route he hadn't been on but always wanted to go for. The exposure looks amazing. He grew up in Oregon, but is in Boston for grad school right now. So, if we get the chance this year while he is out visiting, we'd jump on Yocum.

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