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Skull Hollow


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camped there 2 wks. ago & it's pretty much like what the thread on smithrock.com describes - a couple of semi-permanent looking set-ups. Some shouting in middle of the night. There were 2 BLM cop cars there that evening. Seems like maybe they've stepped up their patrols there. I woud not leave anything there while I'm gone.


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I read recently that the squatters have been booted within the last couple of weeks.


Received this from the FS


To All Campers for US Forest Service, Skull Hollow Campground by Smith Rock State Park:

The campers that were in violation have been evicted, as of 10/23/07.

Thanks so much for your assistance in reporting and patience resolving the situation!

Barbara Kraft

Information Assistant

Crooked River National Grassland

District of the Ochoco National Forest

(541) 416-6640



here is a link discussing similar probs people have been having with stuff at the cg





hope this helps.


i know its not the same, and the state park cg is a pretty good deal...for $4 you get a site, a shower, and a day pass. consdering the showwer is $2 and the day pass is $3 you are actually making $1 everytime you stay there ... sweet.


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thanks for the update...i like staying at the state park except i really like having a fire a night...esp in nov


it does appear from the Smith Rock thread that maybe sketchy people have moved back to the grasslands after the forest service kicked them out

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That's too bad. The Skull Hollow situation is a tough one. It's often a fun place to pitch a tent and meet other climbers.


My wife and I camped there recently just across the way from one of those semi-permanent setups. We initially joked about the poor conditions, the loud music and the trash. Then we noticed the kids in crappy clothes and the parents coming and going in the middle of the night.


The next day we called the county social services. They said they were aware of the families and their location. Their kids were attending school. A church was helping them with food. According to the person with whom we spoke, the family got evicted from an apartment in Redmond because they couldn't afford it anymore. Rising home prices in the area, they said, are causing more and more families to resort to camping.


I don't know about the theft. I'm just a wanna-be dirt-bag climber who hangs out at Smith on the weekends. But I feel for those people and hope that, if they got evicted, they found somewhere safe and warm...

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I'm all for people staying as long as they want (living) on public land...i'm just bummed about all the shit getting stolen...chances are the people living there didn't steal it but someone else did and now that they got kicked out by the police they are gonna be in an even worse situation

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