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Skiing and kids


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A little OT since it's not BC, but I'm hoping someone here has experience skiing with a little one. We bought Fusion Passes for the family this year, including our four year old. She needs more lessons, but I can't afford those each time we go so I'm trying to figure out the best way to ski with her myself. I never had to do this with my older two since they didn't ski at this age.


Anyway, I've seen a couple of things that looked interesting, but I have no idea if they really work: 1) a strap to go on the tips that keep skis in a wedge and 2) a kid's harness with straps you hold onto while they ski in front of you and a handle in the back for getting them on/off the lift easier. Anyone have experience with those things or can offer some advice on what I should try? Thanks.

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I taught both of my girls how to ski for the first year.

They were skiing easy intermediate by the end of the season.

Mer was 3-4 Olivia was 5-6.

It was ALL about the hot chocolate the first few times.

Read "FUN" at all costs. I did not use straps or connector or anything of the sort.

Just really short skiis and the softest, well-fitting boots I could find. This was hard for Mer as she was SO small.

After the first few linked turns they were hooked.

Then we went to Silver Mnt in Idaho. You can rent a house with a hot tub really cheap or book well ahead at one of the hotels at the base of the Tram. $54 a day per child included ticket, 4hr lesson and lunch. More importantly, it was actual instruction, not just babysitting on skiis.


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I started my oldest son last year - he had just turned 3. It sounds like Bug has a lot more experience with this than I do, and I fully agree with the all-about-fun philosophy. The highlights for Caleb (my son) were always the chairlift ride and snacks. Don't even bother with technique at first- they figure it out when they figure it out.


We started with the harness system, which was a good experience for us. It lets you get around and see the mountain. When their legs get tired you can choke up on the harness and give them support. By the end of the season he was skiing without the harness and cranking off turns in soft snow, and he was stoked.


We kept the days really short. Luckily we have a hill close to us (Grouse Mtn) and often we'd just make two runs, and by the end of the second I was basically carrying him. I tried not to push him too much, but he was always keen. A couple times I tried to talk him out of going skiing because it was raining, but he was still keen and insisted on going.


I have such good memories of skiing as a kid, and its exciting to see Caleb starting to experience the same thing. Hopefully it goes as well with my other two boys when the time comes! (they're 2 years old and 3 months).


Have a good season!

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Thanks Bug and Nathan!


I'm hoping my four year old remembers her wedge turns. She spent Spring Break at the Mt. B ski school. And I'm lucky that she's already hooked. It started snowing really hard our last day there and all the other kids wanted to go into the yurt, but she wanted to stay out so they had an instructor take her over to a lift and ski.


Just hoping this year goes as well up at Timberline/Ski Bowl! All three kids only know Bachelor, but we'll get more days in if we ski closer to home. My biggest challenge is going to be when it's just me and the three kids since I know our 4 yo won't be up for as long a day as my 7 and 9 year olds.

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Kids pick it up really fast ...but they have to be ready. There can be some false starts, so if they get cold, scared, or aren't having fun, be ready to bail quick. My two boys learned at Hurricane Ridge. My best strategy for getting them under control was to ski down backwards wedging in front of them while bending over and holding their ski tips together with my hands. It made all the blood rush to my head, but they picked it up pretty quick.


But then, my kid's a badass:


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Skiing is a great family thing. My youngest kid has had a season pass every year of his life and at the age of 13 has been racing for 8 years already.


I taught all three of my kids and here are some things I did.


Anyway, I liked the "edgy wedgies", the rubber tip connectors when they are really young and I used the harness at first too. While you may not get much skiing in if you have a season pass it beats staying home watching cartoons. Both of those learning devices were useful but like any aid can also take some weaning despite the progress with those aids. My youngest used to fall asleep on the chairlift so be prepared for that.


I realized this whole effort was paying off on a cold powdery day at Mt. Bachelor. He was about 4 and the snow was waist deep. His high speed snowplow resulted in a total yard sale and as I skied up to him I was cursing under my breath cuz I thought I had a cold crying kid and I didnt want to get my hands cold putting him together. When I got there he was laughing. I hope you have moments like those too. Stick with it being caautious about forcing it and you'll have a blast.


Here is a couple years ago,



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I initially got my son and daughter onto skis two years ago. All I did for them was to hold my poles out horizontally to the side and let them use them like handlebars. They practiced "making a slice of pizza" like dad while holdng on and soon they were letting go for longer and longer stretches of time. My son was independant after two days of skiing and my daughter after 4. I agree with the others when I say that the goal at the end of the day was they had fun and wanted to do it again. Snacks and hot chocolate was integral in that plan.

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