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F-ing SICK!!!


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It was done 20 years ago.

Next guy can do it with a pair of polka-dot undies or some-such over his head if he wants to be original.


I concur, with such global issues such as the massacres in Burma, this is really a piece of tripe slightly warmed over. OMG :yawn:

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That's a worthy ascent to be sure. I wonder if the James Lucas is the same fellow who took the terrible fall at Joshua Tree three years ago?

the one and the same...he's back to climbing and climbing much harder and bolder than before (on a rope of course ;) )

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fuck you two old fogies...


and chirp, you sanctimonious piece of shit...yeah, its trivial in the grand scheme of things, but so is posting on this site...so whatever



:lmao: :Lmao: figured i'd get a rise out of you...halleluja for Viagra, no? :fahq:

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