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Cruelty or a big "who cares"?


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Though the topic seems to have swerved permanently off course, decapitating a bird doesn't require anything approaching a psychotic outlook. Back in my halcyon youth when I baled hay and killed the occasional pig, I also shot some pheasant. It was standard procedure to finish wounded birds by twirling them by the neck. There was no sadism involved: just an effective way to put the bird out of misery without adding more shot to the meat. At any rate, often as not, the heads popped off.


This isn't to suggest the guy shouldn't go on the wagon for a few months...

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tearing the head off is a little bizarre...but it seems more like killing some animal that didn't belong to you should be the charge. back on the farm we killed chickens by cutting their head off with an axe all the time, that is standard practice.


:noway::anger: :anger:


You ought to rethink your "standards", buddy. :tdown:


As for the rest of you- CRUELTY, plain and simple! :anger::fahq:



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