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snowboard boot options


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Hey you all, any opinions on what boots work best for backcountry snowboarding? I'm thinking I need to give tele skiing a break, after floundering on the steep part of the learning curve for a couple of seasons, and this year I plan to put the effort into snowboarding. I figure if I like it, I can incorporate the board into my climbing repertoire for long snow approaches. But in order for this to work, I'd have to either board in my climbing boots, or carry an extra pairof footwear(which I definitely want to avoid). I'm hoping that the experts at cc.com will tell me that boarding in your leather or plastic mountaineering boots is the way to go. Input, anyone?

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Thanks, that's just what I wanted to know. Now I just have to decide whether to spring for a pair of plastics as well as my tele boots, or trade in my tele gear completely. I must say I enjoy skinning up those long moderate slopes. Who has an opinion about split boards? (Or maybe I'll just start a whole new topic.) [Cool]

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