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[TR] Mailbox Peak - The Trail Route 8/21/2007


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Trip: Mailbox Peak - The Trail Route


Date: 8/21/2007


Trip Report:

I know so what it's just a hike. This is the first alpine thing with a summit I've done in over a year, so it's a big deal to me.


The weather was suppose to be better after noon on this day, but it kept raining long after that. On this route there seem to be multiple trails that all work for the route up. The sun never came out, but there were some huckleberries on the trail. Nobody else was out this day which was nice. The mailboxes at the summit were both stuffed with letters and odds and ends.


I spent long enough on the summit to take a couple pictures then headed back down to my truck and then Ken's Truck Town where I bought a box of beef jerky.


Time to summit: 3hrs.

Total Time : 5hrs


I wonder if that idiot from Portland with the dog ever set a record car to summit?



Summit in the rain.



Hurry up and take that picture so I can get the hell out of here.


Gear Notes:

Shoes are needed.


Approach Notes:

Approach via Ken's Truck Town, Middle Fork Road, and Lake Dorothy Road. Park at a large lot on the left side of the road. Then follow the gated road to the right and bypass the gate. Follow the road till you see an obvious trail going uphill to the left of the road.

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...drove to the MB trailhead once before realizing i hadn't packed the shoes. i was pissed enough to do the thing in a pair of those addidas flip flop things that are just a sole with a big wide band over the front of your foot. worked great going up, but the tootsies were a little raw by the time i was ready for my large coffee and king-sized payday at ken's....strong work--way to git 'er done! [did i say that right?]... :laf:

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There are all kinds of letters and little kiddy toys in there. I would have read a bit, but it was wet enough I didn't want to muck them up.


Thanks everyone it wasn't anywhere close to rad climbing, but it was a bid deal for me given where I was at last year at this time.

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