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Tuolomne Meadows

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There are (or were c. 1991-92) some shrooms growing in a lawn by some of the dorms at the Univ. of Puget Sound in Tacoma, the armpit of Seattle. Adds a whole new meaning to an institution of higher learning, doesn't it?

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I have dogged up routes and got it on doggee stylee but I am not no shithound! I am a mountain goat - Erik has the pictures!

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cresent arch 5.9+, on daff

cooke book 5.9 w/ 1 5.10 move, on daff

phobos 5.9+ only two pitches, but the second pitch is oustanding.

west ridge of conness is a must do (mabey a ropeless affair.

aqua knobby, Hoodwink, westcountry, great white book, etc.

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Darn right Dru. In fact I thought my roommate was pulling my leg when he explained what those guys crawling on their hands and knees in the grass were doing. "Hallucinogenic mushrooms, yeah right." But I do know this much, you don't eat 'em, you boil 'em and make 'em into tea.

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Umm captian, I guesse is there any scrambles in Cali Towolomee (SP) that are totally bomb proof easy cracks like 5.4 and straight forward walk offs, I just wanna bring my shoes and chalk bagg. goin to the Valley for 3 weeks then gonna head into the high country to get away for a while. nic

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check out cathedral peak in toulome, nice chill hike, apprently there is some 5.6 moves, and a little down climb off the summit. also the echo peaks and the matthes crest. anything in that range has some really sweat soloable stuff with walk offs.

another thing that i recommend is to run between toulome and the valley via tenya canyon and solo clouds rest. very nice, i think technically it is the biggest face in america. though you will need a 50 ft section of cord to rap in the canyon, you don't need to rap, but the slot canyon is better then gravely ledges.

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if you go up clouds rest, i'd reccomend a bivy on top, not because you have to, but just because the view is so amazing. out of my 3 mos spent down there, the night i spent on clouds rest was one of the most memorable experiences.

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from Chris McNamara:

"The following information is available in more detail at http://www.supertopo.com/whatsnew.html


Been dreaming of five star routes in the High Sierra? If so,

you must check out Tuolumne Ultra Classics: a package of

topos, photos, and climbing history to more that 20 of

Tuolumne Meadows' best climbing routes. Starting with

suggestions on what to do on your first trip to the Meadows,

Tuolumne Ultra Classics walks you through some of the best

5.4 to 5.10 climbs is the High Sierra. Some of the major

formations included are Cathedral Peak, Matthes Crest, Mt.

Conness, Daff Dome, Fairview Dome and more. Get more info

at: http://www.supertopo.com/packs/tuclassics.html


Everything you need to know about climbing and camping in

Tuolumne Meadows is now available at: http://www.supertopo.com/tuolumne.html Featured on this

page are tips for first time visitors as well as returning

climbers. Information is provided on camping, weather, food

and stacks of essential Tuolumne beta.


Because of recently rebolting, Astroman now has some new

beta on rappel anchors and belay locations. In our FREE

download we have included these changes and also added some

new beta. Download it for free at: http://www.supertopo.com/topos/astroman.html


Low precipitation this spring has blessed us with a

fantastic High Sierra climbing season. Currently, Tuolumne

Meadows is completely clear of snow but, unfortunately, the

mosquitos are out in full force. Be sure to bring plenty of

bug juice and wear pants whenever possible. Thunderstorm

activity is high so be prepared to bail off a climb if

clouds start to build up."


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Thanks to all who recommended I go for Fairview.

We had an excellent day, took about 8 hours, but we were a bit slow and stopped for lunch on Crescent ledge.

An excellent climb and I even did all of the 5.9 variations like the roof. A wonderful, clean climb with great protection and sweet cracks.

Also checked off a few other classics

-Golfer's Route-short but fun

-West Crack on Daff Dome-Actually felt harder than Fairview, due to the sustained nature and cold while waiting for team in front of us at the first belay point. That's what we get for doing the popular route on Saturday.

I will have pictures available to view on the internet some day soon.



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