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hot rope deal -NOW!

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Ally 10.3 x 60M Climbing Rope by Edelweiss


Same rope at Bentgate now ! $ 109.96


Link, and Free Shipping as well.


The new Edelweiss Ally offers excellent performance, good looks, and quality Edelweiss construction.

UIAA Certified

• Weight per metter 70 g

• Impact force 9 kN

• Number of UIAA Falls Laboratory 7

• Static elongation 6.4 %



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Here's two more: slightly lighter, and more scratch.


GearExpress Link


The ad says:


"Edelweiss Flashlight 10mm x 60M Dynamic Rope -

Edelweiss has introduced a perfect new rope for sport/trad climbers. The Edelweiss Flashlight tips the scale at only 64 grams/M, looks great and has a great hand.




* Specs:Diameter: 10mm

* Falls: 6

* Imapct Force 9.25kN

* Static Elongation: 6.2%

* Sheath Slippage: 0mm

* Color: Olive and Gold"






Bentgate has the Edelweiss performance on sale for the same price.


Ad says


"Performance 9.2mm 60M Dry Rope by Edelweiss


When every ounce or the slightest bit of rope drag can mean the difference between success and failure on your latest project, the Performance can help. The Performance is an ultra-lightweight single rope designed for those who want to take their climbing to the next level. Utilizing the unique Edelweiss Perdur treatment, the PErformance will outlast many competitor's 10.5 mm ropes.





• Specs:Falls: >5

• Impact Force: 8.2 kN

• Weight: 53 grams/M

• Elongation: 8.0%

• Dynamic Elongation: 37%

• Sheath Slippage: 0

• Colors may Vary"


9.2mil X 60M Performance Rope link to Bentgate.

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A fine service you perform, finding and posting all these rope deals. I got a $97 Beal 10.2 from one of your postings.


Well I can't help myself, perhaps it's true that I am the "Mother Teresa" of gear whores! (*cough*self-centered bullshit* cough*)


But he keeps making me drool.

Me too! Hey, show up and climb Dave, I get big benefits when people buy this shit and haul it out and I get to use it. Thursday night after work laps Ujahn showed up with that brand new never used 70Meter Beal deal rope and we unclipped the straps to use it.....ahhhh, so sweet, a new young rope, ahhhhh. Crackman was there with what must be an antique hardened steel cord he climbs on: I think I'd even PMed him that Beal deal to him but he didn't bite on it. Pfft, some people.


Maybe I'm not any better. At the last Rocky Butte Access Fund cleanup last year, Kelly Rice asked if anyone wanted her old 6 year old rope which she thought should be retired from climbing. The tappet bros pushed me forward and volunteered me as a recipient so I took the thing to use as a handline. Then later, before the snow had melted at that area to be used as a handline: I grabbed Kellies retired rope and fixed it for cleaning on a new route at a lower elevation cliff. Figured I wouldn't want to toss a rock onto one of my 4 brand new ropes :) I haul this old thing out. Rapped down and tossed of some sizable boulders. At the base looking up, no rope around anywhere except the retired one, and thinking that it was time to climb, we pulled that sucker and I led it.


Turns out being a 10b/10c crack which we named "Lizard Locks" for the bomber finger locks and the Northern Alligator Lizard which came out to observe the climb progress from like 3 feet away from the crack! The rope must have been incentive not to have fallen on it.


Thanks Kellie!

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Bill, I went ahead and splurged a few months ago and bought my first Mammut... 70M, super dry, bi-color, 10.5. I really like it but it was not cheap. I had been telling myself for years that my next rope would be a Mammut and now it is. Never been real happy with the Beal's but I've also only used other folks and never owned one myself. The price is usually right.


As far as your freebee rope, I'm guessing it is not likely to break on a sport climb fall. Rather, it has probably lost most of it's elasticity. On the safe side, JUST DON'T FALL! & everting gonna be all-ight.


BTW, Click & Clack rule! But can you remember last week's puzzler?

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Bill, I went ahead and splurged a few months ago and bought my first Mammut... 70M, super dry, bi-color, 10.5.


I'm getting hot just thinking of fondling that one:-0


As far as your freebee rope, I'm guessing it is not likely to break on a sport climb fall.


Yarrr (pirate talk) this was a crack FA, no bolts, some semi-loose rocks still there with sharp edges to spice it up. No hangs , no falls.....no brains either:-)



BTW, Click & Clack rule! But can you remember last week's puzzler?


Those assholes were in Yosemite all week without me! I'm probably gonna hear about some 5 star 1000 foot routes in perfect weather while I was dogging a dirty, filty, loose, wet, unascetic, 20' piece of choss with Ivan and Jim back here when they get back. It puzzles my wife why I don't go. Andrew, Haydar and those guys are heading to T-meadows soon, and I could have gone to the valley with them 2 months ago ....same statement applies I suppose. I know the answer but cannot share.

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Alright: this is the deal this week. Get one. Don't be climbing on that shit rope you know you want to retire. This even comes with a rope bag and no charge for shipping. I bought one of these 2 years ago from REI for $100 and it's still going strong, $115 is a good price in todays market!


Mammut Promo 10mm X 60M Climbing Rope



The Mammut Promo is a classic all round rope for a great price.


* UIAA Falls: 6

* Weight: 66 g/m

* Impact Force: 9.2 kN

* Elongation in Use: 7,6%

* Elongation at First Fall: 30%

* Sheath Slippage: 0 mm

* Proportion of Sheath: 36%





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CAMP USA Iconic 10.2mm Climbing Rope


Came today: stiffest rope EVER. Well, at least since the big wall Chouinards that the were making extra stiff for jugging back in the late 70s-early 80's.


My opinion anyway. I'll be out at the Butte tonight if anyone wants to fondle it, it is a pretty blue color. I will most likely only be using it to fix for cleaning new routes at The Far Side, Jimmies, Bill's Wall, Lemolo Point, Granite and Cathedral. Be perfect for it.


Lemolo is a Chinook word for Stone. There, ya learned something new.

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BTW, 2 of those are 7.8 Metolius twins. 1 is a 9.1, 1 is a 70m 9.4 and the rest of them are rock climbing lead ropes.


Oh, I let out my snow rope to Ujahn so he could do Hood. So add another rope there. I also have a 7mm trail line does that count? I don't buy every rope I post, I put it here so that my brothers can be schwinging on new cord.

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BlueWater Accelerator 10.5mm x 60m Non-Dry Rope 11 fall. - REI Closeout


A reminder if you use your REI Visa you get 5% back on the purchase. Rope prices are going up.

If you don't already have one, open an REI Visa and get a $30 REI gift card. I finally used my gift card for a new Reverso 3 and snagged size 1, 2 & 3 Master Cams whilst I was there.
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pmi 9.7x60 = $60 at REI, just got 2 of them!


Holy crap, nice find Ryan, they have the DMM boa lockers for $ 5.83/ea too.


Edited to add: I ordered 2 more for a total of 4. Probably keep one, give one to Jim and ebay the other 2. I notice that people pay $100 for even a used rope on there.

RyanB, never personally owned a PMI as I only buy whats on sale and these never have been that I've seen, but have known a couple of folks who owned PMI rope (don't know model) and they were happy. Time will tell. Next cheapest price online is here: Link Boulder mountaineering Dry Arete for $ 199.00. Says "OK, so maybe you aren't quite ready for a rope that's thinner than your pinkie - but you're sharp and every ounce counts when you're climbing on the edge. The lightweight Arete is a great compromise with performance that rivals any fat rope"


I don't see any complaints online, and someone paying $200 for a rope would complain if it wasn't perfect I'd expect.

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