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Aid Gear Mega Sale!

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Im getting out of the aid climbing business, so everything must go. Picture available upon request. The aliens aren't the recalled ones.


Email me at vonspanker@gmail.com


Fish Haul Bag- $60


A5 Belay Seat- $30


Metolius Shit tube (unused w/ wag bags)- $30


Mammut Supersafe 60m (no falls, used minimal amount of times, no trips to the valley)- $140


Eidelwiess Stratos 60m 9mm (no falls)- $110


3- Yates 6 step big wall ladders- $80


Assorted hooks, 2 logans $5ea, 3 grappling $5ea, 1 talon$8ea, 3 cliffhanger $5ea- $40 for whole set


S, 2 M, and L leeper cam hooks- $25


Petzle pro traxion- Used 3 times-$75.00


1 set petzl ascenders (light use)- $60.00 for pair


1 pair yates adjustable daiseys- $40


Offset aliens, red/yellow yellow/green, green/blue- $35 ea


Regular Aliens-1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 2 black- $30 ea


TCU's-2 gray, 1 blue, 1 purple- $35 ea


BD 3.5 cam- $50.00


BD 3 cam- $45.00


BD 2 cam- $40.00


Assorted random cams-Mystery grab bag $50


1 BD rock hammer- $60.00


Misty mt chest harness- $25.00


Set BD nuts (many doubles in small sizes)- $20


2+ Sets HB brass offsets- $50


BD crampons sabertooth clip- $30

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I'll take the sabretooth clips!


Your email addy doesn't work

Edited by Billygoat

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PM & email sent on HB offsets.


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