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Picture of Willis Wall Ice Cliff 6/27/07


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In 93 I was sleeping at Thumb Rock on Liberty Ridge with a friend and two other parties. A huge chunk of the serac above the Willis Wall peeled off and scraped the wall clean down to our tracks across the Carbon. I slept through it. Everybody else was sure we were all about to die. The scale of the avalanche was difficult to comprehend.

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Why the fascination with Willis Wall?


If it is objective danger plus challenging climbing that people want to properly weigh their genitals, why not head for the bigger ice cliffs and higher object hazards of Liberty Wall and a direct line up the Liberty Cap Glacier?



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If one wants to weigh his genitals, here is an answer to your question.

It is because you can traverse out from under the serrac danger on Lib wall in about 20 minutes on just steep snow if you get scared and it has about 2% of the rockfall that Willis has. Plus Lib wall has very little rock climbing that slows you down (you can make some fast time with a walking axe in the danger zone). It is all about speed. I was hit by several stones on my climb of willis. One was going terminal velocity and it hit the top of my rucsack. The second was a small bouncer that hit me in the thigh. A lot of whizzers though.

I will concede the fact that they both have high serrac kill danger though.


I don't know anything about paragliding, but remembering thinking that a launch from the top of the serracs would be about the coolest launch on planet earth.


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