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To the fathers......


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New baby girl!


Were welcoming Coco into the family as our second "kid". She is about 5 Years old and comes to us as an adoption from a neglectful former home.

Were gonna have to address some bad teeth issues and potentially a knee surgery (TPLO).

Regardless, we have never had a "Northern breed" and we are finding out they are mighty vocal and a wee bit on the needy side.


Any Husky tips are welcomed.




...she is not :pagetop: safe

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Hope you wont mind all the dog hair EVERYWHERE , and all the new holes you going to have in your backyard..... but in the longrun you'll have tons of great times with your new pal, and it'll will be well worth the time and patience. :)


Shes already a sweet kid, not really a digger but I can see the fur thing becoming a massive proj. I will say tho that she is hella vocal, whining, barking, mewing, and howling seem to be her thing when shes excited about a drive or walk OR giving attention to our old girl Jumar, the calm and chill Labrador (seems funny to refer to Jumar like that when she was a psycho stoke nut case in her early years :). From all the folks we talked to, Huskies are BIG on the vocal thing. She will probably need a TPLO on her left knee and I know shes gonna be letting us hear all her concerns when shes on recovery.

but shes in a way better home with tons of love and attention and activity :)



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Any Husky tips are welcomed.


We found it wasn't just the digging, it was the digging to get to our neighbor's chickens that was the problem. Our husky is great with our kids, though now at 11 he is less tolerent of our two year old than he was when our first was that age. He does seem to take his agression out on the unfortunate wildlife that happens into his fenced yard. He has killed a racoon, a quail, a snaffle, a couple of rats and some mice. He didn't actually kill the neighbor's chickens, but he scare them pretty badly. For this an general lack of interest in staying with us we have to keep him on leash at all times when we are out of our yard.

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Thanks too Robert, yeah I can totally see that in her, however she does mooch lovins alot so I think its 50/50 on respect and the same on small, furry fast moving targets :)

We just need to grow into the vocal stuff, wow shes got a whine for every occasion!

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Any new pics? Post em up.


I already posted this. Last month, Jim Opdycke in green helmet belaying me on the route Jim named "Child Abuse". LOL! My youngest, son Shaun, home from college on Thanksgiving vacation took this pic.


Here's Shaun in orange, Jim took this picture. Blackberry bushes. Yeck!



Good times!

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