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Ocean Pacific Ice Screws


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Does anyone have any personal experience with OP ice screws? They have an express type screw, but I don't know if the thingy folds down. I have one Smiley that I don't like because it doesn't fold down and I also don't think it goes in nearly as well as an express. So I'm wondering if an OP is more like a Smiley or a BD express?

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Look out for the smiley "knob" that you put on your screw hanger to turn it into a pseudo-express.

1) it can unclip your biner from the hanger according to MEC (Gord?)

2) if you don't put it on in a walk in freezer, the knob will fall off sometime when you are using it as it gets cold.

there are better ways to spend $5 in my opinion.

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No just a Spectre. Have tried to place it a few times and have yet to get it to stay in place while actually climbing. Of course I got it for $5 at a Fire Sale so...

I think it was Bruce Fairley who once said (about Bridal Veil Falls in Chilliwack, with the dinosaur theme park in front) "the temptation to climb over the fence and sink a Terrordactyl into a Brontosaurus was real." What would you slam a warthog into for the same feeling? confused.gif" border="0

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