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WTB: "Beginner" Gear: Crampons Ax Pack Tent

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I'm moving to Eugene in a month and will be getting into climbing and mountaineering. I've got some stuff I'll need, but will need to get some more gear, and figured I'd start looking for used equipment now... I figured you-all probably have a lot of this sitting around, so I'll try posting a list and see what I can dig up.


Things I'm looking for (in order):

Crampons and Ax: basic/general mountaineering starting with climb of Mt. Adams from the south. I've got plastic double-boots, and medium-duty leather hiking boots, so crampons that can be used with both are desirable. I'm 6'1" so a longer ax is probably best (though I really don't know)


A new pack: I've got a very old 4,500/5,000 cu-in internal frame pack which I'd like to upgrade to a nicer/better pack of about the same size, especially if I can find one moderately used at a reasonable price.


Telemark Skins: I'll have to look at exactly what skis I have (haven't used them in a few years here in FL), I think ~180cm TUA Excaliburs w/ a hole in the tip for skins. Not sure how skins attach exactly...


Mountain Bike: I know its not climbing related, but I figured a lot of you might have a bike you want to get rid of. Nothing 'special' since I'll be riding it to school and don't want it to get stolen. But something I can still use on the trails as well.


Climbing Harness: so I can join people for rock climbing, and mountaineering use as well. Can I likely find one harness that will fit both uses?


Helmet: don't know much about helmets, but figure I'll need my own eventually...


Tent: My last backpacking tent is no longer with me (and wasn't for mountain camping anyway), so I'll need some type of tent/bivy that can stand up to high mountain winds, and possibly snow.


Avalanche Probe & Tranciver: I've got a shovel already, but will need avalanche equipment eventually too...


Is any of this equipment stuff that:

-is so critical I should buy it new instead of used?

-is needed infrequently enough that I'm better off renting (helmet, etc)


I think thats it (for now). I hope to take some of your 'beginner' gear off your hands to get me started.






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dude buy a new harness, that is not something that you would want to trust someone else with. just spent the $40 and buy a decent NEW one

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Like Lightning said, buy a harness new. Everythign else you should be able to find used at a decent price. I've got some extra gear available. A near-new REI ice axe. I'm 6'1" so this should be the perfect size for you. It's been used on one trip that's it, so it's in really nice condition. I can email you pics if you'd like. How about $30?


I also have a pair of crampons. They're aluminum, and made for lightweight mountaineering, and are perfect for Cascade Volcanoes. They're made by Cassin and are fully adjustable to any boot size, and they're the strap version so they'll fit any type of footwear, from ski boot to tennis shoe and everything in between. The points are in great condition and have never been filed. If you're planning on getting into ice climbing, I'd reccomend you buy steel crampons though. There's not much ice climbing to be had around here locally, so unless you make trips to Wyoming or Banff, these work great for everything else. How about $40?



Again, I can take pics for you if you'd like. Let me know...



Best wishes,


Ben N.


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the hole in the tip of your skis is not for skins. It serves no functional purpose. Skins will have a metal/plastic fitting that fit around the ski tip and some attachment to clip to the back of the ski. The design is essentially universal and any modern skin will fit any ski - with some trimming of width.


A helmet is worth buying your own rather than renting. You should be able to get a new helmet and new all-around harness suitable for rock climbing and mountaineering for less than $100 total and you will have complete knowledge of their histories.

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>>the hole in the tip of your skis . . . It serves no functional purpose<<


You mean the powder guage?

Actualy you can clip a biner through well-placed holes for those rare "f*ck this icy sh*t, I'm going to rappell this" senarios where you need to ditch your skis quick w/o loosing them.


Also for dragging the skis behind you, sometimes easier than carrying or wearing them.


Also for building an emergency evacuation sled.

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In Tacoma, WA.


Rambo Crampons

Various 195cm 2x camber skis


Museum quality dual frequency avy beacon. . .


Could meet you on Hood or at Smith one wk-end. PM me.

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