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[TR] Mount Ellinor - Chute 4/7/2007


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Trip: Mount Ellinor - Chute


Date: 4/7/2007


Trip Report:

Wanted to get out for a quick trip this past weekend. I was hoping that the 80 degree day the past week melted out the road all the way to the upper trailhead. Unfortunately, the road is snow covered starting at the lower trailhead. Very soon, the snow will be thin enough that someone with 4-wheel drive will be able to blaze all the way up to the upper.


We took the road for about 1/2 mile to the way trail that leads to the upper trailhead. The way trail was mostly free of snow. The first 1/2 mile of the upper trail was snow free. When the trail starts to switchback, we rain into ice all the way to the trail marker that splits the summer/chute routes. From here it is soft snow all the way to the top. The chute is in GREAT condition now, with a boot path all the way to the top and the "butt track" is clearly visible all the way down.


The chute would be a great ski right about now....wish I would have hauled them up.


Gear Notes:

Didnt use the axe at all, crampons would have been nice on the ice on the upper trail, but not necessary.

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By chance do you know if the camping area near there is open - either the free on to the east (right turn - and about 2-4 miles down the road) or the one that's right at the road - with all the trees that's a quick turn on the left. I heard rumors the free one had been damamged by storms - any info??

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