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this weekend i saw...


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...more shorts over poly-pro with mountaineering boots at Vantage (I thought this was a phenon that was a bit played up until I realized it was a new possy each day, is it like gang colors or something?). Blue jeans or fleece pants seem to work fine.


...Party crew rolling in at 11:30, taking shots within 5, surprised that after midnight their high decibal herbie hancock was a problem. I think about 2 of them actually climbed, the rest nursed hangovers and watched DVD's in the car the next day.


Three tool-boxes hooting and hollering, talking shit to people, losing the shirts as they got pumped out, taking three rests all before 10AM on 'Don Coyote'.


Seriously, WTF....leave the non-climbing 'bros' at home and let them do their drinking/partying elsewhere (note: am ALL for revelry and ingestion of certain substances, though not for letting them be an excuse for ignorant and rude behavior).


But the climbing was a blast. Yay for high desert, driving home through the mountains. I'll take this place over Boston any day!

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This weekend I saw food materialized from thin air.


We went to McDonald's in Squamish. I bought a muffin and coffee for me and a coffee for Fred. I went into the washroom for just a minute and when I came back, Fred was munching on a hash brown that miraculously appeared out of nowhere. He also had a second cup of coffee.


Now I know there's no way he could have ordered that fast while I was away. Thus, the food materialized by immaculate confection.

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Rocks commin up at me head real fast when I was an idiot and hooked an edge droppin into chute 10 at MR on the last day. Coulda been the beer...? or just my lack of skillz. Scratched over em and dropped into a little hole that stopped me. Me head was OK


Am I the only one that doesn't understand this?

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