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Make Grivel Cascade Picks Fabulous?


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My Grivel Cascade picks are sucking right now. I know few picks perform well out of the box, so I modifed one and left the other as is. Uhhh, neither works well and both get stuck stuck stuck.


Any tips on modifying cascade picks to clean better? I can provide photos of my picks if that'll help. If you have photos of yours that work, that'd be appreciated. You know, a photo is worth...

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At this point, I think I need to make the smaller teeth less aggressive, more \/ shaped.


Not sure what to do with the first BIG tooth. Please see the following photo:




One is a pick I was working on after bashing some rock. The other is untouched. Tips?


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IMHO Grivel are the best picks out there, especially out of the box. You don't need to do anything with the teeth, just keep the spine of the pick really sharp. File down the entire first two or three inches from the pick back, making the spine more of a knife edge. I.E. as is the spine blade has an angle of maybe 45degrees as you look at it straight on, file it down so the angle is more acute. Then to clean you give one good jerk to cut the ice above the placement and then lift the pick out. If it still doesn't clean then you are overdriving it.

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