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[TR] Mt. Hood - South side > old chute 1/29/2007


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Trip: Mt. Hood - South side > old chute


Date: 1/29/2007


Trip Report:

Skinned up to top of Palmer.Ditched my skis and hiked up to Hogsback. Having been rebuffed by WI2? section on Jan 25th in the Pearlys, I elected to go up the bootpack on Old Chute (Judging by the pack, there must have been lots of summits over the weekend). The snow was very well consolidated. On top, I was over an hour early. Waited til I had some views (bad pics, though) and headed down. Skied down some crappy corduroy. Had a mocha with my wife then went cross-country skiing for three hours wth phenomenal S-SE view of Hood. Perfect day, only thing better would have been untracked powder with the same safety profile!


Gear Notes:

axe, crampons


Approach Notes:

Skis to top of palmer (unnecessary)

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Here are some pics from Thur, Feb 1. The wind was knocking us off our feet so the hogsback was our high point. Looks like most people are crossing over the saddle and then heading straight up the old chute. Would have been fun had the wind not been blowing so hard. :(


We also noticed several day-pack sized solid water chunks that seemed to have tumbled from above.




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