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[TR] Lochsa River (Idaho) - Snowshoe Falls 1/21/2007


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Trip: Lochsa River (Idaho) - Snowshoe Falls


Date: 1/21/2007


Trip Report:

And everyone says there's no ice in northern Idaho. :rolleyes:


Some of the WSU Alpine Club was going to Lolo Pass for some skiing, but about half of the group wanted to go ice climbing instead. Being lazy, we didn't want to walk into Blodget Canyon, so we explored some ice I had seen last year (and some I hadn't). From what the skiers say, stuff in the canyon only forms like once a decade, but that might just be because they don't look too hard for it...or because they're skiers first and climbers second. :lmao:


Anyways, we did 2 routes that locals A) haven't done or B) won't tell us about or C) forgot about.


Snowshoe Falls, WI3, 70M.

This route is a lot like the Junkyards, with a nice steep curtain just above the main flow. One 30m rappel and a walkoff make descent quick. There were no rap slings present anywhere, leading to the idea that it's a FA.


Snowshoe Falls takes the prominent broad flow in the center. Huckleberry Pillars are mid frame on the left, in the trees.



Kevin on the final curtain of Snowshoe Falls.


We walked down to the steeper pillars down below, where we did the best looking line. "Huckleberry Pillars", WI4-, 40'. This is a nice top rope crag that ranges from WI2-4.


Taking on the right side.


There are 2 more unclimbed lines across the river at MP 115 and 115.8 (Shoestring Falls) respectively.


Gear Notes:

Lochsa Lodge Cabins are sweet.

Sharp pointy things.

2 sets of tools makes climbing in a foursome more challenging!


Approach Notes:

About 20 miles east of Lowell, ID on highway 12. Park at a small pullout at MP 116.9 and look north to see the climbs. Bushwack up to the base in 10 minutes.

Topozone Link to Snowshoe Falls

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Ah, it already had a name...


well, it is Snowshoe Creek that is falling down the slab, so the name makes geographic sense.




Shoestring Falls has a little step near the base, maybe 30-40'. the falls at MP 115 are more like 100-120', WI3-3+...but aren't bonded to the rock at all. That route is certainly the prize climb down there.


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As my first post here I'd just like to say that I had an awesome time on this trip. This was my first experience ice climbing and had a lot of fun. And Jamin, if you dont feel that what we did on saturday was "real ice climbing" then I think you need to reconsider how you view climbing. Who cares how "hard" it was, as long as you have fun doing it is all that matters.

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