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[TR] Snake River - More FAs 1/19/2007


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Trip: Snake River - More FAs


Date: 1/19/2007


Trip Report:

Knowing that all this stuff was going to fall down, pup_on_the_mountain, Sam, and I climbed all of the remaining "safe" new routes along the Snake today. Temperatures were mild (upper 30's or so) and the ice was rapidly delaminating. Many of the free hangers fell down while we were there! Don't go rushing out to climb these since they'll all be gone in a day or so anyways.


We haven't named them yet, but here are the photos:


A route in "The Auditorium" WI3/3+R, 40'



another new route (WI2+R/X, 30'), with Higher Learning in the background. The only pro on this was a knifeblade at 2/3 height. I climbed to the top and then downclimbed back to the pin. :noway:



Finally, one more (WI3R, 40'):



Gear Notes:

Stubbies, screamers, and knifeblades


Approach Notes:

MP 19 on Wawawai River Road, between Wawawai and Lewiston.

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