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[TR] leavenworth - pencil 1/19/2007


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Trip: leavenworth - pencil


Date: 1/19/2007


Trip Report:

beware..we were thwarted by the pencils gunshots, groans, and coos yesterday...after being smacked just once above the waist, p1 threatend to fall down...we waited a while to watch it fall downto no avail....it still stands unsent

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That was rad, definitely pretty extreme looking getting pummeled from above. I was surprised to see how wide the Pencil was. I always looked up at that thing and it looks like a pencil from the road. Good work on the climb and vid.

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Great video....but the "soundtrack" made me want to jump out a window.


Yo, yo....homeys! How about remixing it to something the whole family could enjoy without requiring a bleep every 5 seconds and an urban dictionary.

Glad you survived the ordeal.

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More like every 3 seconds...


Ken, we were surprised at how wide it was too, having always thought it to be more of a pillar. The ice was really shitty though, and as Cappellini pointed out - probably about ready to detach and fall down.


Shitty ice in Washington? Sorry for being redundant.


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