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Which country has the best....


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I can smell the reak of fanboyism all the way over here in Idaho.




Thanks for speaking for the rest of us, Mr. Blowboarder. What we're seeing here are some hardcore climbing groupies.




Desperate, starstruck groupies mob the lecture stage at the annual meeting of the American Alpine Club.



The sucka on the lower right corner is starting a chant of "Sharma! Sharma! Sharma!"




By the way, which country has the best climbers? Without doubt it's the U.S. based on the achievements of Dwayner and pope alone.

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I love the groupie pics! Keep em' coming! We gotta work Richard Simmons into that.


Not that I've travelled that much... but in my experience

Best: Slovenians, French, Russians

Worst: Austrailians, South Koreans

Most overhyped in American media(currently subpar on world stage): British

Most willing to throw one foot in front of the other and suffer no matter what but not necessarily techical: Polish

Like to party: Italians, Sweedish

Adicted to their climbing gear and toys: Us Americans








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I think Slovenians are great climbers. Very small country but producing amazing climbers. Whole country is small replica of British Columbia.

Janez Jeglic was one of the instructors I had long time ago in Tamar valley. I met there Maria Frantar too. She died in Himalayas and once was the leading female high altitude climber in the World.

Marko Prezelj, Tomaz Humar, Silvo Karo and less known (for North America) climbers are amazing (Rok Zalokar, Ales Kozelj, Aljaz Anderle, Grmovsek etc.)

Slovenia was hit in last 10 years (or more) very badly and they lost several outstanding alpinists due to accidents.

Personally I think Russia is the world climbing leader now.

They have extraordinary base for success.

For example here is the list of Russian alpine instructors.

Please review and comment if you like:


Another impressive list is list of Russian Snow Leopards




Would you like to see it?

Here you go!

It's the list of all with the year when is achieved (starting at 1961 to 2005) ...

So in 1970 officially there were 15 climbers who had 5, 7000m peaks in resume. If country was open like Italy or Germany they could rule in the Himalayas.


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