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Boskoff overdue in China

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From an email:


Make your web site or blog a donation portal

or start your own free page to raise funds now!


Do you have a web site or blog?


The push is on and time is of the essence to find Charlie and Chris. Mountain Fund, working with MountainFilm.org is requesting that anyone with a web site or blog please help us raise funds to conduct this search. If you do have a web site or blog, please scroll to the end of this page where you will find directions on how to get the html code that you can cut and paste on to your web site. This code will create a donation button that will allow visitors to your site to instantly make a donation to the search effort.


All funds coming to us via these donation buttons will be immediately sent on to MountainFilm.org who is the lead organization working to find Chris and Charlie.


Don't have a web site and want to help?


Please go to www .firstgiving.com/mountainfund. In just five minutes you can create your very own fund raising page. Please create a page and e mail it out to all your friends, family members or co-workers. Ask them to donate via your fund raising page to aid in the search.


All funds coming to us via these personal pages will be immediately sent on to MountainFilm.org who is the lead organization working to find Chris and Charlie.


Have a check book?


If the internet isn't your thing, or you don't have a credit card, just write a check. The bank information is.


Account Details: The Fowler-Boskoff Search Fund Wells Fargo account number 1736253632 To qualify for a Tax Deductible Donation make checks out to Mountainfilm


In Telluride - Direct Deposit:


Checks can be deposited at the Wells Fargo drop box next to its ATM in the Wintercrown Building breezeway in downtown Telluride or at the Wells Fargo branch in Mountain Village. Checks should reference the account name and/or number.


In Telluride - Deliver Checks:


Mountainfilm office at 109 East Colorado Avenue (above The Toggery)


Mail Checks to Mountainfilm:


Mountainfilm, LTD PO Box 1088 Telluride CO 81435


Wire Transfers:


The Fowler-Boskoff Search Fund Routing Code - 121000248.

As of December 14, 2006, Charlie Fowler and Christine Boskoff are 10 days overdue from their 2- month trip to China. Charlie was a Mountainfilm Board Member for almost a decade and is currently on the Advisory Board. He is also an original member of the Telluride Mountain Club and was a Founding Board Member of the Horizon Program. Christine is the owner of Seattle-based Mountain Madness and was a featured speaker at Mountainfilm 2001 and 2006. Charlie is scheduled to be a speaker for the 2007 Festival’s Eiger-inspired sub-theme due to his solo of the Direct Route of the Eiger North Face in 1992. Both have homes in Norwood.


Donations are urgently needed so the Fowler-Boskoff Search Fund can immediately commit funds to continue and expand the search effort. An initial fundraising target of $75,000.00 has been established. In order to maintain the momentum, Mountainfilm in Telluride has opened a new account under its non-profit umbrella to accept tax deductible donations for the Fowler-Boskoff search effort.




The html code to create a donation portal on your web site will create a button that looks like the one below.


If you are willing to add this to your site, e-mail mtnfund@mountainfund.org.




make the subject of your e mail HTML CODE and my e-mail will send the code automatically to you.



Get Updates !


Check the Mountain Film site for updated news.

Website: http://blog.mountainfilm.org/


All donations are non-refundable. Donations to the Fund will initially be used to defray search expenses. Any surplus funds may be used for related purposes in the discretion of the Mountainfilm Board of Directors.


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Scroll down on this link previously posted, toward the end of the timeline. Nothing real yet. Seems the word is starting to get out in China. "Field teams," including a CNN crew, are making some progress. But finding further info, and C&C, will take time. Blessings to all involved in the search.


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Just thought I'd post a link update. Seems like theyve narrowed the search down to one mountain. Gotta take everything you read with a grain of salt of coarse. The bottom link (as posted above aready) is probly the best source for info at this point. Lets hope for the best.













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This sucks. I am very sad for her family and friends. I worked PT for her for almost a year. Good company, but she was the one that made it so great.



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