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MT Hood Continued


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Some had personality all along. Some only acquired their personality here. Most will still have no personality long after their last post here. The value dilution factor over the past two weeks has been nothing short of remarkable.


Given the lack of resources to provide real moderation maybe next time they should pre-load a series of threads along the lines of:


- Incident Title / Offical SAR Team Notifications (Read-only)

- Incident Title / Primary Discussion thread (Open, but moderated)

- Incident Title / Non-climber questions thread (Open, but cleaned periodically)

- Incident Title / Event speculation thread (Open, unmoderated)

- Incident Title / Smackdown thread (Open, moderated by Layton)


Hopefully after this circus is over all the posts can be reviewed and Incident / SAR FAQs can be developed - one for general questions, one for Mt. Hood., one for the Media. That would help being prepared for the next time such events unfold.

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I want to express my concern, compassion and continued hope to the Hall and Cooke families. To the James family my deepest and sincerest sympathies. My prayers that you all remain strong will long continue. To the rescuers - you are everyday heroes that deserve more praise than I can give you.


I also recognize that this forum community is grieving which is being expressed in positive and negative ways. You should be proud that your forum is being sought out as a knowledgeable source of information and a place of healing for climbers and non-climbers who are grieving with you and the families.


These families need support, love and prayers. The negativity that is being relayed won't help them. Obviously this has touched a huge mass of people. Be kind and patient as their prayers count too!


I cannot imagine the hurt and pain these families are experiencing.



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Is this scenario possible? (Rated R)


Whatever they were trying to do, a terrible accident happened and the two climbers were immediately gone. Kelly was the only one who survived, maybe injured at that point or maybe soon after another attempt on his own (perhaps climbing up above the cave and falling down) or combination of both. The point is he left alone and injured with knowledge his partners were dead.


However, the most important part is that Kelly (with extensive mountaineering experience and reality) was completely aware of his hopeless situation and impossible and pointless rescue attempt by SAR in such conditions (not to mention imposing risk to rescuers). He decided just to make a good bye call, but he did not want say anything directly that the two others were dead and he himself was about to die. So he just said about the airplane, town, and feeling could effects. He used metaphor. Is not it the phrase often used were people are dying, feeling could?


He knew that many people would start looking for him and wanted to postpone the search till the storm eased, to prevent from possibility of unnecessary additional deaths.


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We may never know what happened, or why. But the fact remains that it is unlikely, if Mr. James cared for these two men, and their families (as it appears), he would not have provided information to his wife and his son. There would not be any rational reason to withhold critical information. It is more likely that he would have advised his family, identified his position and requested that his family contact the appropriate authorities.

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None of you know what happened. You don't have access to all of the facts and evidence. Within a couple weeks or so, a detailed report will be prepared by the sheriff and SAR folks intimately involved in this event that gives the most likely scenario of what went wrong based on all of the compiled evidence.


All of you yahoos from all across the country offering up your half-baked "what-if" scenarios is disgusting. Please stop.


Just be quiet and go back to whatever it is you do.





p.s. Your hallmark card philosophy bullshit about climbing isn't helping either.

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"many of the people who post here are well known climbers and authors and personalities."




Anyway, I am thrilled to be benefiting from your knowledge and expertise. Because I am not a personality, I have already been able to relay the point of view and expert opinions that I have learned here to other people who havent the time (or fortitude) to visit this forum.


So, you see, even as a peon, I have some value. Because I am a nobody, other nobodies value my opinion and I can pass on your wisdom. Hmmmm.


Timm@y is internet famous. look i said in my last post that you can PM me if you want to continue to be a dick. or we can take it to my home away from home in spray.


i am not debating that useful information can be found here. my point is that you can't teach someone about climbing on the internet. if you want to know what Hood looks like get your ass off the couch and start training. if you want to know what a snow cave looks like or what it takes to build one... do it. if you want to climb because you are as passionate about the mountains as the men lost up there right now, then start training and take your own run at it. i intend to. IMHO getting to the bottom of this or as close as can be may save lives. thats why these kinds of stories are published. so we can learn from the mistakes of those who have passed before us. it isn't salacious.we need to know so we can learn and be better prepared. why do you want to know?

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I know jerry cooke for at least 8 years having worked with him as a fellow attorney in brooklyn. He is a smart and very resourceful individual. I don't know where/how this "Nikko" name got stuck in the news. No one ever calls him that here in NYC.

Anyway, he loves climbing and knows what he is doing.

He met these two guys once this past summer and they decided doHood.

Care deeply...

When shit hits the fan it is everyman for himself, to the extent you cant help anyone else...


No martyrs here.



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to climb is heroic.
Horseshit. It's nothing more than indulgence.


You contradict yourself: you first claim that we climb (and do everything else) for ourselves, then you claim climbing is "heroic". Doing something purely for yourself is in no way heroic, particularly when it utterly disregards the needs and reasonable expectations of others.

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